The WordPress Installation

This is currently the shortest lesson in the workbook. Most if not all of you have a Godaddy web account which makes it REALLY easy to install WordPress. Here's how.

  1. Login to your cpanel @ yourDomainName/cpanel with the same username and password that you use for ftp/Cyberduck.
  2. Find the WordPress button and click it to start the installation procedure.
  3. Click the Install This Application button.
  4. At this point there are only a couple of ways to screw this up. DO NOT install WordPress into the root level of your site.  You need to, instead, instruct Cpanel to install WordPress into a specific directory named wordpress as shown below.kookbook
  5. Pick a language and use the screen capture as a guide for additional options. Be SURE that you remember your password and username. Once the installation is complete visit your wordpress installation at yourdomainname/wordpress
  6. To login, visit yourdomainname/wordpress/wp-admin and login with the username and password that you just created.
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