Sound Exercise Two

Sound Exercise Two

A common problem in voice recording comes from the dreaded P sound which often becomes exaggerated when it hits the sensitive diaphragm of a microphone. The P-Problem is why you sometimes see stockings, socks, and other ad-hoc coverings placed over microphones.  The best way to eliminate this problem is to avoid it by having a good mike, maintaining an adequate distance during recording, and (most likely) some other tricks that I don’t know (speak up if you know some). Fortunately, electronic massaging can reduce this problem this exercise is about to demonstrate.

1. Download p.mp3 from  The file will most likely open in Quicktime inside of your browser window. To download, choose “File – Save As.” Once the file is downloaded and saved, open it with Audacity and  listen to the sound.  Note the sharp spike where the P sounds.

2. Select the spike and use the magnifying glass to zoom in on the specific segment that needs to be subdued. 

3. With the segment still selected, use the amplify tool to lower the volume on the segment.   Listen the recording again and continue de-amplifying until you are as satisfied as you can be with the effect.

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