Throughout your academic journey, you’ll create many things you want to show off to the world. As you earn your New Media Certificate, you’ll develop the skills to create a digital portfolio to do so.

Your ultimate digital portfolio will consist of two parts:

    1. A Public Portfolio, to be shared with everyone from future employers to your parents. Your Public Portfolio will include anything and everything you choose to feature: work from all your academic endeavors, internships, freelance work, personal side projects, whatever you’d like. We hope you choose to feature some of your work from the New Media Institute here, but there’s no requirement to do so.


  1. An NMI Portfolio, to be shared primarily with NMI faculty. Your NMI Portfolio serves two purposes. First, creating it helps you develop a clear, concise narrative of your work earning the New Media Certificate—incredibly helpful for job interviews and the like. Second, your NMI Portfolio will help the NMI faculty and Advisory Council understand, assess, and improve the experience we offer NMI students. All NMI Portfolios will reside in a consistent location on each student’s server (more on that later), and it’s up to you whether or not to feature it publicly.

Both portfolios will reside on your own personal website, which you’ll create in your certificate production course (NMIX 4110, NMIX 4310, NMIX 5110). Therefore, you must maintain your own personal website (domain registration and hosting, likely through Reclaim Hosting) until you complete your New Media Certificate.

For this Class (NMIX 4110)

Your Public Portfolio will be hosted at the root of your domain (example: yoursite.com). at yoursite.com/nmi/4110.

Your portfolio page for this class should include a narrative that summarizes what you have learned in the class, links to all major projects, and the video description of your final project.

For future NMI Classes

Each additional upper-level class you complete to earn the certificate receives its own sub-folder. For example, your NMI portfolio page for Capstone will live in yoursite.com/nmi/4510.