Podcasting 101

Here are some useful links for creating and submitting your podcast! Check them out!

  • Already have some great stuff recorded for your podcast? Great! Soundcloud.com is a free and easy place to host your podcast. This link will take you to a nice intuitive walkthrough about how to get your podcast on the web!
  • Maybe you don’t have recordings quite yet or want a little more practice/help with Audacity first. This is a GREAT Lifehacker article on podcasting which also contains an audacity tutorial. This is a solid place for podcast newbs to start.

If you’re feeling ambitious, AND you already have hosting for another site that you can use, read on! If you don’t understand what I’m referring to, you probably should stick with the first article and something like SoundCloud hosting for now.

  • Six Easy Steps for Creating a Podcast is a very basic guide for podcast creation. However, again, this is for those who already have a hosting plan and an understanding of foundational coding.
  • RSS Feed Sample is a resource that can be handy while using the previously mentioned guide (see step 4 of the “Six Easy Steps for Creating a Podcast).

Other nifty tools for podcasts…

  • Again, for those who have a foundational coding knowledge, this podcast generator might help out!
  • Podcast 411 is just another supporting resource for Podcasting. Check it out!