Module 3: Introductory Coding

As you are aware by now, it is possible to accomplish a lot with standard html, css, and the many, many features of content management systems such as WordPress. You may, however, want to learn to create customized experiences or find yourself drawn to the intricacies of code and want to take web development to a deeper level. If so, this section is for you. It offers an introduction to both  Javascript and Jquery, as well as an optional section on PHP.  These all are very powerful tools for advanced web developers.


Javascript, a popular open source technology, underlies some of the most compelling experiences on the Internet. Javascipt and it’s talented little brother Jquery, give developers such as you the power to ‘drill down’ into a webpage and change it dynamically. You can, for example, change the background color of a webpage with the click of a mouse or by tapping on a screen, change the content of an individual div tag or an entire document, animate images, load content dynamically, and lots more. Even better, the Internet is full of work that is cheerfully provided by other developers that you can draw on and modify to do practically anything to a webpage that you can think of! 

Perhaps the best news for a budding Javascript developer like yourself, is that previous developers have created libraries of code that you can draw upon to create powerful user experiences without having to do dramatic amounts of coding yourself. One of the best known and most popular of these libraries is  Jquery which makes life easier for Javascript developers by simplifying and reducing the amount of coding that has to be done, and by helping to insure cross-browser compatibility.  In these lessons we will start with some basic lessons with plain vanilla Javascript. Afterward, we will work with Jquery.  If you find yourself really drawn to coding, you may want to work through the optional PHP lessons. Those are not expected or graded for this course, but offer a pretty good introduction to PHP.