Inexpensive Hosting

The textbook for this course is free, but you are required to provide your own web host. This is actually good news because knowing how to set up and use a web hosting account is a useful skill to bring away from this class and it's cheap. We have found two very affordable options for web hosting that charge approximately $12.00 for a domain name and the first year of hosting.  Plus, as the owner of a hosting account and domain name, you do not have to worry that someone else will delete your hard work from their server, and can easily steer people to your website.

Hosting Options

The best deal at present seems to be good old Godaddy. But do NOT go to the website or YOU WON'T FIND THE DEAL. You must first do a Google search for ‘Godaddy hosting’ to get to the right place for the deal. If you simply visit the Godaddy website you won't find the right set of options. The page you come to should look like the screenshot below. Choose the economy option unless you want to host more than one domain

Once you find your way to the payment page, make SURE that you see a blurb about Linux Hosting with cPanel as shown below and the the total charge is just twelve dollars and change. Whatever you do, DO NOT remove either the hosting or domain name options. cpanel


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