Homepage Assignment Rubric

  1. Looks good (I’m pretty flexible on this one but TRY).
  2. Responsive
  3. ALL links must work.
  4. All 4110 assignments should be on your homepage or linked from your homepage.
  5. Anything that you add to your homepage such as a video background, a twitter feed, etc. MUST work for everyone, not just you. Ie. Make sure that a login is not necessary.
  6. If you use a theme, and most of you will, make SURE that all <title> tags say something about your site, and NOT the name of your theme. This lesson explains the process of transforming you current home page into a theme-based page.
  7. Take care of obvious problems.  For example, don’t add div tags that overlap, unless they are supposed to.
  8. Nothing Extraneous and NO Lorem Ipsum text. Some  themes come with a lot of extra material that you may not actually pertain to your home page, such as sections titled Our Company, or About Us. This extraneous material should be REMOVED, unless you want to repurpose the section and make it about you.
  9. Avoid oversized, bloated images that make your page load slowly. If you want to use an image, make sure that it’s dimensions are not greater than they need to be. For example, a background images should almost never be wider than 1200px.  Check the size of your image. Anything larger than a few hundred kilobytes is a big no no.  Over a megabyte? Forget it!

Bottom Line

Use common sense and show me that you care. This is not a hard assignment but does require SOME work.