Google fonts

Create a new html document and then visit to get started. As of August 2, 1017 there are 882 free font families available via Google Fonts. 

Google frequently changes their interface, so rather than offer precise instructions that don't work, your job is to figure out to find a font named Parisienne and to get it to work properly on your page.  The main things that you need to understand are that
a. all of the font information is stored on Google's servers so all you have to do is obtain a link to the Parisienne font and place it within your document's head tags or opt for the import option (Google will explain the difference between the two options).
b. once you have the link, apply the font to some text by adding it to your body or some other css element.
(for example:  body {font-family: 'Parisienne', cursive; font-size: 44;} )
Last time I looked, Google had a handy getting started guide linked to each of their fonts just in case you need additional assistance.

Once you successfully implement Parisienne, repeat the procedure with a couple of additional fonts until you are REALLY comfortable with the process.

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