FTP your work to the web: introduction to uploading

Prelude: how to avoid sounding dumb (hint: it’s a software program, not a duck!)

Before we get started, there is one important thing we need to clear up. Students sometimes have a tendency to say things that drive knowledgeable people crazy such as “I put the file on Cyberduck”.  Cyberduck is not a place where you put things. It’s a tool, known as an ftp client, that you use to move files from your computer to another computer.  Don’t fall into this trap that, frankly, makes you sound kind of dumb.  Instead, say something like “I put it onto the server” or (to sound really techie) I ftp’d it to the server. Otherwise, expect to be heckled.

Get Started

Find Cyberduck, the program you downloaded in the Setting up your domain and hosting lesson and start it up. Use the bookmark that you created in that previous lesson to connect to your server account. If things work out as expected, you will already be within your public_html folder. If not, double click the public_html folder to open it.

  1. Open the mysite folder on your desktop computer, drag the index.html file, the images folder that contains your picture and your css folder into the public_html folder.
    1. During this course, you will frequently upload content to your web server. The procedure will always be the same: Open your mysite folder and drag files or folder that are INSIDE of the mysite folder to the public_html folder on your computer.
    2. Whenever you change something inside of a file or folder, you have to upload it again in order for the changes to be displayed on your website. This will often cause you to have to overwrite content.
    3. Cyberduck will always warn you and ask if you are ‘sure’ when you are overwriting content.  Usually the answer will be yes.
  2. Using your web-browser navigate to your website (emuelaldridge.com for example).  If everything is working properly you should see your webpage and your picture.  Congratulations: you are now on the Internet. Click on the picture to see yourself.
  3. Copy the address of your page from the browser’s address bar (something like http://your_domain_name.com ) and send it to your mom.
  4. One last thing. At this point, your picture should also appear on the class website.Click here to be sure. If your picture is not there, let us know so we can diagnose the problem.