Assignment One: Create a three-page website

In the past there has been confusion about this assignment so let's clear up one important point right here at the start. This assignment is for an ORIGINAL website with your content and graphics. The Birds and Bananas lesson does not count for this assignment, but you are welcome to draw resources from that lesson.

This site does not have to be especially fancy, 1 but must have the following features:

1. Content formatted with div tags that are styled with css.

2. Css must be in external stylesheet.

3. All three pages MUST be linked together so that the user can always reach the other two pages from any given page.

4. Links should be styled with css, should NOT be underlined, and have a background that changes color when the link is rolled over. Links must be a consistent font and font size in both rollover and 'static' state. 

5. Demonstrate use of background colors for div tags and the body. In other  words, the body and div tags should have different background colors. Do NOT use the background image from the previous lesson!

6. Each page should have at least two pictures with text (filler text is fine) that wraps around them.

7. Pictures should appear in their actual size. Ie. don't insert a huge picture and change its display size to something smaller. Use an image editor instead to make pictures that are sized correctly before you add them to a webpage.

8. While it is okay to have similarities with your Birds and Bananas assignment, try and make it look unique. Show what you can do with div tags. Prove that you know how to modify styling to make it look nice. Again, we're not expecting a work of art here considering this is your first site, but try and make it look nice.

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  1. it's your first one