Assignment Two: Create an advanced website with Bootstrap

This assignment comes at the end of Module 1.

Now that you have learned how to create web pages and link them together it is time to make your very own website. Please complete the following assignment by creating:

1. A website with 6- 8 separate web pages. One web page will be the website homepage which can be or look like anything that you want it to, but try to impress me.

2. The site must be responsive and based on the Bootstrap Framework. The previous lesson should be very useful but BE AWARE that it is acceptable to download some else's Bootstrap Template. There are lots of free and attractive Bootstrap Templates that are easy to find.  You are not required to download one, but doing so, is an easy way to produce a more attractive website.1

3. Demonstrate use of web fonts 2 You don’t have to use web fonts for ALL of your text but use at least one to show that you know how.

4. Original pictures on each page, sized for the web. REALLY BIG pictures 3 are not acceptable.

5. Explanatory text for each page but don't feel the need to write more than a couple of sentences for each page.

6. Consistent navigation across all pages.

7. A banner of some sort that describes the website.

8. An embedded google form for submitting comments.

9. Make it look as good as you can.

10. Whatever you do, don't forget to title your pages. Pages that show up as "untitled" are not acceptable.

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  1. By the way, Bootstrap Stage ( ) has several templates that show promise.

  2. or google fonts which is the same thing

  3. big in file size that is