Assignment Three: Build an original WordPress site

There is still a lot to learn about WordPress but you know enough by now to build a fully functional WordPress site. Your new site should have the following characteristics:

1. Eight pages with original content and photos. If you like, use the same content as the Module 1 website.

2. One of the pages should feature a brand new plugin of your choice. Find a new plugin that you like. Install, activate the plugin and put it to work. Write a brief description of the plugin on one of your pages.

3. Make the site look as cool as you possibly can be choosing and installing an awesome template.

4. Create and embed a Google Form. See below for instructions.

To create a Google Form you will need a free Google account. Afterward you will create the from from the Google Documents menu. Many tutorials are available on the web if you search for them. One nice tutorial is available at:

1. Make sure that your form has at least three questions that ask for name and other contact information such as email address and at least one multiple choice question. After you create the form you will need to get the embed code that will allow you to place your form inside of a webpage of your choosing via an iframe. The embed code is generated automatically for you from the More Actions menu of the Google Forms Editor. You can also get the same embed code from the spreadsheet view of your form.

2. However you get to the embed code, copy it, return to your dashboard, and create a new page. Click on the Text button and paste in the embed code. After you paste it in and while you are still in the Source Code view, take a look at the width and height settings. Those settings control the width and height of the iframe that makes it possible to embed your form. You can change them if you want the form to display differently.

3. Return to the WYSIWYG (non-source) view, center your form and publish it. Afterward check it out in the preview tab. If you don’t like the way that it displays you can always modify it.

4. Name your page something obvious like 'google form' so as not to tax your instructor's brain when he or she is looking for it.

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