Assignment 4: Build your own javascript jukebox

You have all of the tools you need now to build a cool music player. Here are the parameters for this assignment.

  1. Using your own graphics and sound files, create an ORIGINAL jukebox that loads music  dynamically.

  2. It’s OK to use the jukebox exercise we did earlier (Loading Content into a Div Tag) as a resource, but your jukebox MUST look and sound different from the one that came out of that exercise. In other words, if you simply change out the pictures and audio files without changing anything else, you are in trouble. I mean it.
  3. Take it further. Load graphics and descriptive text with the music files. Take advantage of something else that you have learned in module 3, or a cool effect (or 2) that you find elsewhere on the internet, to make your project even better. 
  4. And yes, it’s¬†ok to load youtube videos as your music source.

  5. Be sure and check out the resource links below the link that leads to this
    assignment. They may be useful.
  6. Ask for help if you need it. Seriously, we want to join in the fun and help you create a great music player.